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Convergence Movement

Did You Know There Are 3 Streams of Christianity?
We didn't know there was a "Convergence Movement" when the Lord said we were to be valid in all three streams of Christianity.

We also didn't know there were three streams.

After much research, many scholars in the world (most are not Christians, but some are) divide Christianity up into three "streams":

Liturgical (e.g Episcopalian, Catholic, Orthodox, etc.)

Evangelical (e.g. mostly American, Baptist, Methodist, etc.)

Charismatic (e.g. Full Gospel, Assemblies of God, Pentecostal Holiness, etc.)

3 Streams Work Together
The Convergence Movement is not about making all the differences between these “streams” disappear, or hammering out a “middle path” between them.

It's about finding the really important part of Christianity is shared by all three streams and we need to worship and work together with all Christians who agree with us on the important things.

This has led our group having members who hold very different beliefs, which makes us stronger.

Following God's Plan
When we announced to the Christian community that we felt drawn by the Spirit to put together a group that "converged" the three streams of Christianity, we were told that it was not possible for us to do this, and they were right.

We couldn't do anything but watch as the Spirit did it. Because we didn't know any better, we went ahead with what we thought was God's plan for us.

1st Ordination - Evangelical
The first ordination that any of our leadership received was from a committee set-up by Reverend Willie B. Parker, president of the C.C.C. (the Black Baptist Ministers Association of Central Oklahoma).

Rev. Parker ordained Richard Hill as a “Baptist Minister” and structured the ordination in such a way that it was permanent.

He stated that the Lord had instructed him to do so. This was even more unusual in that Richard Hill is not black.

2nd Ordination - Charismatic
Then members of the Oklahoma City Full Gospel Businessmen formed a church in Yukon, Oklahoma.

They used material that was later used by the Charis Bible College to train and ordain Richard Hill as a permanent "Full Gospel Evangelist".

This fulfilled the second part of the prophesy that the Spirit was going to converge the group in the three streams of Christianity.

Funny yet, both ordinations had been given in a way that they could not be "withdrawn". Neither asked for their credentials back because of the other.

Now The Hard Part: 3rd Ordination - Liturgical
To be ordained in the Liturgical stream seemed impossible, especially without having to surrender the other two ordinations/ credentials.

During a "Preterist" conference that we put on at a Episcopalian Church (C.E.E.C. Conference), Arch Bishop, Michael Owen, informed us he felt the Spirit had directed him to get Richard Hill trained and ordained as a Liturgical Priest.

He stated he would do it himself, but the group was not a good fit for the C.E.E.C.

Owen was going to move out of the Arch Bishop's office soon and the person taking his place would not do well with a small, poor group of religious who were doing many “acts of mercy” on the street, and putting on large events with so little money.

Arch Bishop Owen's group served the more affluent areas in a “high-church” way.

So, he asked Old Catholic Bishop Kline and Bishop Phliderer to see to the training and ordaining into the Liturgical stream, without requiring the surrender of Richard Hill's other credentials.

Now, Richard Hill is an Old Catholic ArchBishop.

Ordained in All 3 Streams
It took several years and many steps, but eventually, Richard Hill had valid ordinations in all three streams of Christianity.

Over the years, our group has ordained many ministers and deacons, started many ministries and churches, and worked with many religious organizations.

But, we've never found any other group that has valid credentials in all three streams of Christianity.

Operating in All 3 Streams
Maintaining three streams of credentials has led to many unusual requirements.

For example, every meeting of Restoration In Christ Church has to have a blessing from a Bishop to make it a special day in our Church's calendar so a meal may replace the Eucharist.

The Baptist and Old Catholic rules could not both be followed any other way. We have sub-groups that are very catholic, and some that are very protestant.

But, the one thing that we all share is a true love for the Lord Jesus and each other.

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