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International Missions

Nazareth House - Dominican Republic
We sponsor a mission that helps abandoned and disabled children in the Dominican Republic called Nazareth House.

It's led by Sister Mercedes, a nun that left the safety and comfort of her convent to lay down her life to live with and care for more than 15 children with serious disabilities.

Some of the children came from hospitals, some were abandoned on the steps of the home, while others were found in the streets eating from garbage cans.

Nazareth House provides a place for the children to play, learn and live to the fullest.

Sister Mercedes shows them that they are worth loving and their lives, though difficult, are worth living.

When a child enters Nazareth House they enter a Christian family built on the love of Jesus Christ!

It runs strictly off of donations and has no secure means of income.

Help your Christian brothers and sisters.

If you feel led, DONATE today!

(Note: All proceeds go directly to the mission.) 

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