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Empowerment Movement

Churches Should Exist to Serve Their Members
While we were going through years of impossible coincidences that led to our group having valid credentials in all three streams of Christianity, we were also made aware of the need for churches to stop centering on their own needs and start being concerned for their members.

From the very beginning, we believed that our Church needed to be formed to encourage its members to explore the deeper reaches of their Christianity. 

Church Business Model Designed to Perpetuate Themselves
It seemed to us that a "business model" approach had been used to set-up and run the Churches we came from. Their prime purpose was to perpetuate themselves, not the Christianity of their members.

Each church talked about furthering Christ's mission on Earth, but only helped people who were under their control and furthered their Church's mission.

Following the Spirit: Unexpected & Unusual Alliances
- We put on large seminars for people who did not believe as we did, but believed in Jesus.

- We started churches that joined conferences that would not worship with us.

- We started ministries that we then set free from our control to further the Gospel of our Lord.

- We tried to follow the leading of the Spirit, not any business plan.

- This led us to some unexpected and unusual alliances and experiences.

Empowering Member's Worship & Spiritual Growth
We are not a large success in dollars and numbers on a spread sheet, but everyone who has attended our Church for any length of time has been changed by the Lord.

Our Church exists to empower it's member's worship and spiritual growth. 

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