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Thief on the Cross & Nothing Else Required

Truly accepting Jesus as your Savior requires several steps we believe are revealed in the Biblical story of "The Thief on The Cross".

These steps are:

1. Believing we are "sinners" and heading towards an unacceptable but deserved fate (lacking standing, ability, and the means to escape this fate that humbling circumstances have revealed to us).

2. Believing Jesus has the power and ability to save us from that fate.

3. Sincerely and humbly asking Jesus to save us.

4. Willingly accepting Jesus as the active Lord of us and our lives.

One of the most important differences between our "beliefs" and the common American Christian Church "beliefs" is we believe in "Thief on the Cross Salvation, and Nothing Else is Required."

Nearly all Christian Churches will say that they believe in "Thief on the Cross" theology, but then they also add many other requirements for a Christian to be part of their community.

Taking from the Bible, many verses that they say justify adding to the basic salvation requirements.

Lord Leads His People Along Various Pathways
Although we agree that the Lord can use many different pathways to lead us on His path for us to a fuller Spiritual life in Him, we do not believe that the components of that path are set and the same for all of us.

Observation shows us the path He uses for one Christian often includes elements that are not included in the current path He has for another Christian.

We believe that the only trustworthy way for us to know if a Christian is following the Lord's guidance is to see if that Christian produces the "fruit of the Spirit" in that walk.

Producing Fruit of the Spirit
If a Christian produces the "fruit of the Spirit" then we have no right to judge that Christian's walk by how comfortable we are with the elements of his/her walk.

This inability to concretely define the path after the "Salvation Event" has led us to conclude the Church exists to support the Church members an not the other way around.

Therefore, we support our members exploring a wide variety of ministries and studies to see where the Lord provides them the "fruit of the Spirit".

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