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The R.I.C. Church Story

The Quest for "More"
In 1990, we, a group of lay ministers at the time, felt a strong need for “more” from our Christian worship.

We tried through many denominations to find it, but the “more” we found always seemed to be “more of the same”.

Without wanting to insult the good people in the various established churches and organizations where we had grown in our Christianity, we realized it was time to find another format of worship that fulfilled our desire for “more”.

New Group Forms
After an exhaustive search of what was available locally, and putting our group under many different leaders, it was decided a new group and format needed to be formed.

After many twists and turns of divine providence, we ended-up with our main group in Dallas, Texas, USA.

Following the Holy Spirit
Let's look at a few of the more interesting places we've traveled on our journey to "here" and where "here" is. From the beginning, the Holy Spirit (Spirit) has been implored to guide us in even the smallest details.

We've learned:

1. The Spirit seldom answers our request with the exact physical details we want.

2. The Spirit normally uses paths that end up maturing us in faith rather than directly removing the discomfort that led us to make requests to Him (Jesus).

3. The Spirit sometimes answers us directly, but most often intends for us to do our feeble best to apply our feeble understandings of "God's ways" (which King David called "understanding").

4. If we try to do (point number 3 above) with a humble heart, it always works out with more "Fruit of the Spirit" for us, even though we could almost never have seen how the circumstances, He brought us through (and to), could ever have made us "happy".

Christian Movements
In following the Spirit, we've been led through several Christian movements including:

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